We’re approaching the end of the year, which can only mean two things: Christmas time; and awards season.

I’ve been looking back on another amazing year of weddings and I decided to create my own awards – The Mulkies.

There’s no actual hardware on offer with these awards, nor is there a glitzy party. It’s simply a light-hearted way to show some appreciation to all the newly-weds I’ve had the plelasure of photographing this year.

In the count-down to Christmas I’ll reveal a new award-winner each day so keep checking back this blog post to see which couple has picked up the latest gong.

Without further ado, the winners are…


In terms of numbers, Becky and Matt’s wedding was both the biggest and littlest wedding I have ever photographed. They had a small intimate ceremony with just their immediate family in attendance earlier in the afternoon, then in the evening their extended family all turned out for a great night of partying. Some of the dancing was also award-worthy.


It’s not unusual to see newly-wed couples smiling a lot on their big day, but Bethany and Paul took it to a whole new level. So much so, for a moment I thought I was photographing a Colgate commercial. As a photographer, when you look back on a set of pictures like theirs (in fact, from any wedding), you’re reminded what a privilege it is to play a small part in capturing such moments of pure joy between a couple.

Honourable mentions: ALL of the couples I have photographed this year!


I bloody love cake. I love nine cakes even more, which is why Caroline and Gareth take this award. They got bonus points from the fact that Gareth, the groom, made one of the cakes. The others were baked by family and friends. The cutting of the cake took a bit longer than usual, but it was totally worth it.

Honourable mentions: Emma and Aaron for their spectacular cake table; Clare and Richard for their cake made by the bride herself; and Louise and Peter for their ‘happily ever after’ wedding cake (complete with a mini cat poking out of the side), which Louise splatted on Peter’s forehead.


A wedding reception probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you step inside a factory warehouse. Not unless you have fantastic creative vision that is, which is exactly what Emma and Aaron had when planning their wedding. Everything just worked so well and the attention to detail was amazing. Without doubt, it was one of the most original weddings I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing, made all the more enjoyable by the fact that Emma and Aaron are just so bloody nice.

Honourable mentions: Kelly and Sam for their wedding reception in a teepee; Caroline and Gareth for their wedding at the Downton-esque Orton Hall; Bethany and Paul for their wedding at the picturesque Rutland Water; and Becky and Matt for their wedding at the delightful Poachers Country Hotel.


Inspired by its use in the film Anchorman, Clare and Richard (well, mainly Richard) chose the song ‘Afternoon Delight’ for their first dance. Not only is that a brilliant reason for choosing a first dance song, but the lyrics are also filled with hilarious innuendos.

Some of the words are so blatant that they can barely be counted as an innuendo. Case in point: “you’ve got some bait a waitin’ and I think I might try nibbling”. Absolutely superb.

Honourable mentions: Louise and Peter (for ‘Beauty And The Beast‘); Emma and Aaron (for ‘Baby I’m Yours‘); Caroline and Gareth (for walking down the aisle to the Star Wars theme tune).


Louise and Peter’s wedding was memorable in so many ways. Not many people can say they have been to a wedding that featured a TARDIS in the group photographs, but I can now. The nearby playground was also a big hit among the wedding party. But the truly unique element of their big day was the gift their friends gave to them – having their wedding photos sent into orbit in a Dr Who TARDIS. I’ve never known a wedding album like it.

Honourable mentions: Emma & Aaron, Kelly & Sam, Clare & Richard, and Becky & Matt all had some great albums (if I do say so myself).


By the end of the speeches at Kelly and Sam’s wedding, there wasn’t a dry eye in the teepee. Groom Sam’s words had already set off a few sniffles among the guests, but the best man had people full-on sobbing. In a good way, of course, and there were tears of laughter too. For the record, I simply had some dust in my eye. Honest.

Honourable mentions: Bethany and Paul; Emma and Aaron; Claudia and Jonathan; Clare and Richard. All were totes emosh.


Claudia and Jonathan did not expect to have a winter wedding. Mainly because they got married in the spring. But when an unseasonal flutter of snow came down in late March, they simply embraced it. Not once did they complain; not even when they were stood out in the snow on the middle of a narrow bridge above a stream with dozens of passing cars beeping as they drove past. Absolute troupers and a bloody nice couple to boot.

Honourable mentions: Becky and Matt for standing in a muddy field; Kelly and Sam for wandering through a barley field.


Emma and Amir’s wedding back in February was my first of 2013 and it was a great way to start the year. Not only were they a fantastic couple, but they knew how to treat their guests and had an amazing pic-n-mix selection. And for that, they win the ‘crowd pleaser’ award.

Honourable mentions: Becky and Matt for their pic-n-mix selection; Emma and Aaron for their cake table.