All weddings are a joining of two families, but that has never been truer than for Amy and Craig’s wedding.

Their mums have been friends for more than 30 years, so Amy and Craig have literally known each other for all their life. The two families have been close for all that time too, so their big day really was like one big family celebration.

And what better time to hold such a wedding than at Christmas, the time of year when families come together. A well-timed flurry of snow a few days before the big day ensured that the scenic grounds of Toft Country House Hotel in Bourne looked just the part for a winter wedding.

They tied the knot at St John’s Church in Werrington, Peterborough, where photography was pretty much forbidden. Weirdly, there was no snow in Werrington, but a few miles away at Toft Country House, there was a covering of a good couple of inches. Amy and Craig braved the conditions at just the right time of day and we caught an awesome sunset.

Back inside in the warmth, they had their very own ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’ moment. Craig’s sole responsibility for the wedding was to book the honeymoon – the location of which was a complete surprise to Amy. It was revealed during the speeches, and you can see Amy’s reaction in the pictures below when she found out they were going to Thailand.

No doubt the weather there will be quite different to a late-December day in Bourne!

(As ever, family and friends of Amy and Craig can view the full set of images via the couples’ galleries page)