When I received a text message from a friend and occasional colleague asking if I’d be interested in photographing her sister’s wedding in Monaco, I jumped at the chance. Stunning location, beautiful weather, a trip overseas – I’d be mad to turn it down.

But then I started to worry about the potential difficulties – what if my cameras got damaged in transit? And the language barrier – would they all understand “cheese”?!

Fortunately, all of my worries were in vain and it turned out to be a beautiful wedding. Not everyone spoke fluent English, although their linguistic skills were still far better than my Italian (the extent of which begins with ‘lasagne’ and ends in ‘dolmio’). But everyone understood the language of love, and Manuela and Giuseppe had that in abundance. I was welcomed into the family like a long-lost relative (and fed like one too – seven courses at the wedding reception, as is Italian tradition!)

It was an absolute honour and an experience I won’t forget in a hurry. Here’s a selection of the shots I took that day: